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A New Beginning

general Feb 01, 2018

By Puah Soon Lim


7 Oct 2017 was the date that I sent out the last copy of The Eggs N Tennis Balls Newsletter. I started this newsletter in the year 2013 on the urging of my clients who have been receiving them on a weekly basis. The intention then was to reach out to all those who followed me in my talks to quickly and easily get up to speed with what is happening in the financial market without following the news in the financial press. One could just spend a glance at the market barometer in the newsletter and quickly know whether this week’s market is in advancing mood or declining mood.

There was a summary of the market and a quote and a picture of the week segment. I told my newsletter subscribers that just by spending five minutes to go through my newsletter would keep them informed of the events that have unfolded in the week.  I also included links to articles which I have come across during the week which I felt would be beneficial to...

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