What I Learned About Learning and Investing

behavior Apr 05, 2019

By Puah Soon Lim

Today I want to talk about learning. It is a subject that I am very passionate about. When I was growing up, I have difficulty learning. Particularly when I was in primary school. I failed all of my subjects and I have trouble staying focus and I was easily distracted.

Naturally, I have nightmares about taking an examination.  Some of those early nightmares stay with me till today. I still have anxieties attack in my sleep when I have dreams about going for an examination even though those days were long past me. I studied hard in my schooling years but I realized that knowledge doesn’t stay with me when all that I do is studying for an exam by rote learning and not through understanding.

I have already returned a large portion of what I learn to my school teacher and lecturer over the years. But I am someone that embrace lifelong learning. I am still having joy discovering new things, learning new things each and every day.  At the moment, I am...

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What's The Biggest Threat To Your Investment Portfolio?

behavior Apr 18, 2018

By Puah Soon Lim


I was part of a panelist on an investment forum organized by Moneysense and SGX recently whereby we were asked a very profound question, and I thought it makes sense to make this the theme for this week’s blog post.  

The question was: "What do you think is the biggest threat to your portfolio?"

The replies from the other panelist focus mainly on the economy, but when it was my turn to speak,  my reply generated a lot of laughter in the room. 

My answer was“What do you see is the biggest threat to YOUR portfolio?....YOU"

Although it generated waves of laughter in the room, I told the crowd that I am dead serious about what I just said. I explained that most investors think that it is most crucial to keep in touch regularly with the market and stay ahead of the curve to perform well. It is often assumed that knowing what is happening right now is the single most important thing that an investor must do...

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