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Go Beyond The Numbers (Online)

Learn the lingo of investing and increase your level of confidence with Go Beyond The Numbers e-Course

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Go Beyond The Numbers - Coasting Flight (Workshop)

1-day workshop for those have completed Go Beyond The Numbers - The Launch & Power Ascent

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How to Analyze a Bank Stock (Workshop)

Analyzing banks are different from normal stocks. You can learn the techniques in a one-day seminar.  

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How to Analyze REITs (Workshop)

Considering REITs in your investment portfolio and you are not sure how? Learn how in this one-day seminar. 

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Applied Value Investing (Malaysia Workshop)

This workshop is designed for individuals who want to build long-term wealth using a proven approach. 

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Financial Literacy for Employees

We provide financial literacy course for your employees with the objective to increase your company's shareholders' value

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Customized Corporate Programs

In addition to our standard corporate workshop, we also provide customized programs for our corporate clients

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