Live Workshop (1-Day)

Go Beyond The Numbers 3   Coasting Flight

Trainer: Puah Soon Lim

Course Fee: S$298

The next workshop will be held on:
26 Oct 2019 (Venue to be confirmed)


Go Beyond The Numbers

This e-Course raises the competence of novice investors in 3 stages:

Coasting Flight

Stage 3 (Optional)

Go Beyond The Numbers 3 - Coasting Flight

Coasting Flight is the third and final stage of the 3 stages e-course series which will be held in a life workshop for graduates of Go Beyond the Numbers - The Launch & Power Ascent. It is an intensive 1 day workshop to apply the knowledge learned in the previous 2 stages. 

At the end of this stage, you'll be able to:
* develop strategies to position your portfolio to meet your objectives.
* employ filtering methods to help you track potential and existing holdings.
* evaluate the operating and financial health of the business through proper techniques in reading the financial report.
* make effective investment decisions using financial ratio and valuation techniques. 
* setup watch-list and radar for monitoring your portfolio.

You'll Never Fly Alone!

What You're Going To Get In This e-Course?

The learning objectives will be achieved with:

* 1 full day live coaching workshop.
At least 4 latest example of case-studies.
* A
ccess to our coaches in our Community Forum. 
* Access to video recordings of the live session you attended plus video recordings and case studies of 4 subsequent workshops.

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Let us bring you to the next level in your investment journey.

What Are The Requirements?

This workshop is conducted in English and designed for people who do not have professional training in investment management. Therefore, participants are required to:

1. Have completed Go Beyond The Numbers - The Launch & Power Ascent
2. Have good understanding of basic accounting concepts and knowledge to interpret financial statements.

About Your Instructor

Puah Soon Lim graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. He is also a CFA. Soon Lim has more than 20 years of experience in the financial and investment industries, spanning from money broking, merchant banking, bond sales and trading, investment planning, insurance sales and management of a wealth management sales team. His extensive experience and thorough knowledge in wealth management enables him to break down difficult concepts into easy-to-understand components.


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