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Course Syllabus

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Module 1 - Understanding Business Fundamentals

The Working of a Business

- Understand what is a business
- Discover 3 Elements of Business.
- Understand the basis of all business and financial literacy
- Know the elements that move and how they are recorded
- Understand who the two principal players in business are
- Understand the relationship between a buyer and a seller
- Understand the relationship between Cash and Products/Services
- Understand the role that Customer play in a business
- Know the significant difference between Payment and Collection

The Role of Management & Accountant

- Discover the role of Management & Accountant and how they work as a team
- Understand Who is responsible for What.
- Understand the importance of accuracy and time when dealing with source documents
- Know the flow of information behind financial reporting
- Appreciate the real value of Financial reports
- Know what is the complete business Cycle
- Know the key accounting assumptions, principles and constraints

Accounting Assumptions, Principles & Constraints

- Spotting Assumptions, Estimates and Biases
- Understand the key principles of monetary units, historical cost, conservatism, consistency, full disclosure, and materiality
- How assumption and constraints can lead to businesses cooking the book
- Appraise the accounting standard used internationally

The Difference Between Finance & Accounting

- Discuss the difference between accounting and finance
- Recognize how assumption and estimate impact finance and accounting
- Explain why accounting is both an art and science
- Explain how the creative side of finance and accounting could leaves the door open for some financial fraud to take place.

Module 2 - Understanding Financial Statements

Cracking the Code of the Income Statement

- Identify the different label use for the income statement
- Explain the purpose of the income statement
Relate why it is important for a business to make a profit
- Demonstrate an understanding of the different components that make up the income statement
- Interpret how the matching principle affects individual accounts in the income statement
- Identify the three things that an income statement reveals

Balance Sheet - Mother of All Financial Statements

- Summarize the Balance Sheet Equation
- Identify the balance sheet items and key accounts
- Discuss and interpret the four questions that a Balance Sheet answer
- Assess the ownership of a business
- Evaluate a business’s short term liquidity position
- Compare a business’s financial strength
- Measure and evaluate the working capital of a business
- Investigate whether a business is insolvent

Cash is King

- Differentiate between cash and profit
- Understand why you need both
- Identify the four things that a cash flow statement reveals
- Evaluate how a company generates its cash
- Analyse how a company uses its cash
- Quantify the liquidity position of a business
- Appraise a business’s ability to translate its profit into cash
- Understanding the importance of Free Cash Flow

Module 3 - Assessing the Business

Learning what the numbers are really telling you


Measuring Profitability

- Identify the rule for measuring profitability
- Calculate and interpret profitability ratios related to cost structure
- Combine and calculate ratio using numbers from the income statement and balance sheet
- Calculate ROA, ROE, ROIC, ROTC, and ROCE and use them to evaluate a business

Measuring Leverage

- Identify the gearing ratio used to evaluate the financial health of a business

- Calculate and interpret gearing ratios

- Calculate and interpret the interest coverage ratio

Measuring Liquidity

- Distinguish the difference between liquidity and solvency

- Calculate and interpret the liquidity ratio

Measuring Efficiency

Describe what is an operating cycle

- Compute Cash Conversion Cycle and Efficient ratios and use it to evaluate the business

Module 4 - Investment Market Place

Look for this 5 Numbers


Look for Value



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