Soon Lim is founder and principal of Equitiespedia Pte Ltd, an online school dedicated to making a difference in your investing journey.

Hi. I am Soon Lim. I am a runner, and I do Investment. Come 2023, I will have been in the investment industry for three decades. By any standard, that would have been considered old or long, whichever word you prefer. I have worked with thousands of investors all over the world, including institutional investors like central banks and sovereign funds. But the work that gives me great satisfaction is working with the retail investor. I noticed that as far as investing is concerned, it is as if the institutional investors and retail investors are operating in a different world. 

In the last eight years, I've been trying to turn on lights, inspire people and teach them how to understand the language of business and how to apply these numbers to the game of investing. 

I am a regular speaker at the Singapore Exchange. I have taught at regular conferences in Malaysia, Brunei and Hong Kong.

Regularly, I give talks on Basic of Investing, Exchange Traded Funds and Portfolio Construction at the Singapore Exchange.

My philosophy is that everyone should really be a novice investor just once. And the key to moving beyond the novice phase (#beyond novice) is understanding the numbers. 

My mission on this site is to shed light on:

- how the language of business is used in investing, 
- what are the crucial numbers to watch out for, 
- how to test claims made by financial gurus, 
- how to construct your own portfolio and most importantly, 
- how to be confident enough to make your own independent investment decision.

I came to this philosophy after working with thousands of investors, including family office and many supposedly well heed accredited investors. 

Winning the loser's game is a well-accepted concept in the institutional space. Still, for retail, it is as if Wall Street is the place where you can make money without working for it. As a result of this mentality, many investors simply lose money with their investment. They become easy prey in the jungle of the investment world.

The key is moving away from the novice phase as quickly as possible. If I could plug a cable into everyone's head and do a software update so that everyone could move beyond novice phase, I would do it. However, from what I have researched so far, it appears that this is unlikely to happen.

In 2016, I created Go Beyond The Numbers eCourse. It is my first attempt at teaching this financial literacy course online. I am ashamed of my first creation, but I am happy to learn that my learners are finding it beneficial. I have since taken in all the feedback and have made many improvements over the years. Check out my basic Go Beyond The Numbers, and if you like to, you may sign up for my Go Beyond The Numbers (Intermediate and Advanced Level). I have also scheduled Smart Portfolio 101, Validate 101 and Six Numbers Every Investor Must Know in the first and second quarter of 2021.

There is also a two hours version of the Six Numbers Every Investor Must Know at the SGX Academy.

You can watch my free video on Vimeo and Youtube. 

May Luck, Longevity and Deep Pocket be with you always in your investing journey.