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Go Beyond The Numbers 

Trainer: Puah Soon Lim

Course Fee: S$499 (Stage 1 & Stage 2 Only)


Do you face these problems when investing?

Let me ask you some questions…

  • Have you ever felt confused or frustrated by what is happening in the investment market and all the lingos that are used?
  • Do you have an accounting phobia? Do you find that you are not as effective as you could be if you understand the language a little better?
  • Are you a first-time investor who is trying to navigate the often conflicting advice that you are receiving?
  • Do you have a hard time identifying what are the core elements of a good business to invest?
  • Do you have trouble understanding investment valuation or have you gotten into a situation whereby you read up on a particular investment and yet you still simply do not have the confidence to invest?
  • When buying an investment product, do you have any idea what you have bought? Do you do any due diligent at all?


If You Answered "YES" to Any Of These Questions


is the PERFECT e-Course for You!!

Go Beyond The Numbers

This e-Course raises the competence of novice investors in 3 stages. Coasting Flight (Stage 3) is optional and need to be registered separately.

Coasting Flight

Stage 3 (Optional) 

Go Beyond The Numbers Stage 1 - The Launch

The Launch is the first of the 3 stages e-Course series. It is designed for anyone who wants to take your investing skills as a novice to becoming a competent investor who is comfortable reading annual reports, research report, and the financial press. It aims to equip you with the skill sets to conduct and evaluate your own independent research. The following are what you'll get from the e-course:

* Learn the Wall Street method of analyzing businesses to be able to cut through the noise and clutter.
Acquire an immediate, working knowledge of the three primary financial statements ‐ the Balance Sheet, the Income Statement and the Statement of Cash Flows.
Understand the information contained in essential financial reports and how to use that understanding to make informed intelligent decisions.
The ability to use numbers and financial tools to make and analyse decisions.

Go Beyond The Numbers Stage 2 - Power Ascent

Power Ascent is the 2nd of the 3-stages e-Course series. In the first part of the e-Course series, The Launch provides you the critical knowledge and foundation required to help you take-off from ground zero. It is the most important stage of your journey beyond a novice investor.

However, Power Ascent is needed to boost your knowledge after your lift-off by deep diving into the critical points that only help you see a clearer and deeper view in what you've learned in The Launch, giving you a deeper understanding of the three financial statements which were not covered in the first stage.

Your trainer will show you the principle of accounting which help you understand how to read beyond the numbers given in a financial report. These knowledge will give you further confidence when you are flying the ship on your own in the investing marketplace. 

Go Beyond The Numbers Stage 3 - Coasting Flight (Optional)

Coasting Flight is the third and final stage of the 3 stages e-course series which will be held in a life workshop for graduates of Go Beyond the Numbers - The Launch & Power Ascent. It is an intensive 1 day workshop to apply the knowledge learned in the previous 2 stages. 

At the end of this stage, you'll be able to:
* develop strategies to position your portfolio to meet your objectives.
* employ filtering methods to help you track potential and existing holdings.
* evaluate the operating and financial health of the business through proper techniques in reading the financial report.
* make effective investment decisions using financial ratio and valuation techniques. 
* setup watch-list and radar for monitoring your portfolio.

What You're Going To Get In This e-Course?

* Go Beyond The Numbers - The Launch: More than 50 video lessons (12 hours of online lessons).

* Go Beyond The Numbers - Power Ascent: More than 60 video lessons (6 hours of online lessons).

* Life time access to the lesson videos.

* The program includes quizzes, exercises and assignments on major topics.

* Learn the content at your own pace.

* Course e-Handbook that can come in handy when required in reviewing what you have learnt from the video sessions.

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Let us bring you to the next level in your investment journey.

What Are The Requirements?

This workshop is conducted in English and designed for people who do not have professional training in investment management. Therefore, participants are:

  1. Not required to have prior investment knowledge
  2. Required to have knowledge of basic mathematics

Who Are The Target Audience?

* All novice investors who are starting their first steps in learning investing.

All intermediate investors who wanted to learn a deeper understanding of financial numbers that helps them better investment decisions.

* All other investors who see the need to revisit the fundamentals of investing and revise on their understanding of financial statements and numbers.

* All learners who are curious and willing to learn fundamental investing.

What's In The Course Syllabus (The Launch)?

Here are the key topics that will be covered in Go Beyond The Numbers - The Launch (click on the icon to know more):

Module 1 - Understanding Business Fundamentals

Module 2 - Understanding Financial Statements

Balance Sheet, The Mother of All Financial Statements

Cash is King

What're The Numbers Telling You?

Module 3 - Assessing The Business

Measuring Profitability

Module 4 - Investment Market Place

What's In The Course Syllabus (Power Ascent)?

Here are the key topics that will be covered in Go Beyond The Numbers - Power Ascent (click on the icon to know more):

Assumptions, Principles & Constraints

Module 1

Balance Sheet, The Mother of All Statements

Module 3

Cash is King - Cash Flow Statements

Module 4

About Your Instructor

Puah Soon Lim graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. He is also a CFA. Soon Lim has more than 20 years of experience in the financial and investment industries, spanning from money broking, merchant banking, bond sales and trading, investment planning, insurance sales and management of a wealth management sales team. His extensive experience and thorough knowledge in wealth management enables him to break down difficult concepts into easy-to-understand components.

Don't Wait Any Longer!

You just need to be a novice investor once.
Learn from Soon Lim and move yourself to the next level in your investing journey. 


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