Go Beyond The Numbers

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Assessing The Business

  • Learn the Wall Street method of analyzing businesses to be able to cut through the noise and clutter.
  • Acquire an immediate, working knowledge of the three primary financial statements ‐ the Balance Sheet, the Income Statement and the Statement of Cash Flows.
  • Understand the information contained in essential financial reports and how to use that understanding to make informed intelligent decisions.
  • The ability to use numbers and financial tools to make and analyse decisions.

Course Details

  • 90-minute course 
  • 58 easy-to-reference video modules
  • Videos, quizzes, and exercises designed for effective learning
  • Searchable reference guide for post-workshop learning
  • Access anytime, anywhere (computer, smartphone, tablet) for a full year


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What Are The Requirements?

This workshop is conducted in English and designed for people who do not have an accounting background. Therefore, participants are:

  1. Not required to have prior investment knowledge
  2. Required to know basic mathematics

Who Are The Target Audience?

* All novice investors who are starting their first steps in learning investing.

All intermediate investors who wanted to learn a deeper understanding of financial numbers that helps them better investment decisions.

* All other investors who see the need to revisit the fundamentals of investing and revise on their understanding of financial statements and numbers.

* All learners who are curious and willing to learn fundamental investing.

Course Curriculum

Here are the key topics that will be covered in Go Beyond The Numbers :

Understanding Financial Statements

Balance Sheet, The Mother of All Financial Statements

Cash Flow Statement Demystify

What're The Numbers Telling You?

Assessing The Business

Measuring Profitability

Getting Into The Fine Print

Assumptions, Principles & Constraints

- Spotting Assumptions, Estimates and Biases

- The rules that accountant follow and violate

- You can't always trust the number

Income Statement

- Single and multi-step income statement

- Revenue Recognition

- All categories of expenses

- No all profit are the same

- Quality of earnings indicator


Balance Sheet

- Analysing long-live assets, long term liabilities and shareholders equites

- Tangible & intangible assets

- Major types of current liabilities

Cash Flow Statements

- Usefulness

- Operating, investing, and financing activities

- Methods

- Evaluation

Meet Your Instructor

Puah Soon Lim graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. He is also a CFA. Soon Lim has more than 20 years of experience in the financial and investment industries, spanning from money broking, merchant banking, bond sales and trading, investment planning, insurance sales and management of a wealth management sales team. His extensive experience and thorough knowledge in wealth management enables him to break down difficult concepts into easy-to-understand components.

Read What Others Have to Say About Soon Lim’s Life-Changing Programs and Courses

"“There are two major takeaways that I felt it is important for me to pen down and credit Mr Puah for in this course. First, it is important to become financial literate. Having gone through Go Beyond The Numbers has given me a new perspective when managing my financial affair and running my business. I used to just leave things to my accountants and financial advisors without even asking relevant questions. I look back on many of those decisions that I have made with regret because I know now that when you speak and understand the language, you are in the driver’s seat and in control. Second, it is important to understand accounting and financial jargon that finance people use. Most people have no idea that money coming in is debit, and money going out is credit. That’s the basis of all confusion.”"

Mylinh Catherine Lee
Entrepreneur, Australia

"Cash flow is key to a sound investment strategy. I hear that all the time but never truly understand what it really means until Soon Lim explained them to me. Go Beyond The Numbers is like the missing link for me to all these confusing things that used to hamper me in my investing journey. Now I know what the yardsticks to look out for are. Clarity is indeed power."

John Lim
Educator, Brunei

"Soon Lim insists that if I were to give a testimonial, I must also provide one important lesson that I pick up that benefited me. Here is my biggest takeaway in Go Beyond The Numbers. All investments must have two aspects — income and growth — if either of those is missing, it’s not investment, it is just speculation and a gamble. It’s no different from people playing the lottery and hoping they will win."

Pang Yee Lian
Real Estate Agent, Singapore

"Profit is not cash — a company can make lots of profit but could still be bleeding with poor cash flow. That is my biggest takeaway, and there are many more I can quote. Another one is “cash is blood’, without cash, you —or the company —dies. Most businesses are good at selling and growing the business, but poor at generating cash. Sales is not business; sales without collection is suicide. Go Beyond The Numbers give me these crucial building blocks and more. I highly recommended this workshop."

Mak Yew Chong
Fulll Time trader, Singapore

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